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Great footage of a Florida sasquatch (aka: skunk ape) shot by Tom Fasano.  Normally I look at these videos and yell “Hoax!” in the first five seconds, but this video is really, really compelling.  Watch at 4:09, and then again at 4:20.  The behavior is right in line with a great ape.  This is an amazing catch.  You can even see the sunlight reflecting off the hair!

Fascinating video and analysis, and the circumstances in which the film was allegedly taken are similar to many, many reported encounters.  If I had had an iPhone (or a Galaxy Note) during my own experience, who knows…maybe I would have actually captured some evidence?

EDIT:  Okay, so word now is that this video is a hoax.  I really, really would have preferred if it were viral marketing for Eduardo Sanchez’s new bigfoot film, EXISTS.  I mean, the viral marketing for BLAIR WITCH was pretty damn brilliant…makes sense that he would do something similar for EXISTS, yeah?  Ah well.

A message to hoaxers:  You’re not cute, or funny.  You suck, and sometimes, you get hit by cars.


I’ve watched this a couple times, now, and while it’s difficult to make out and there’s no way of ever really knowing what it captures, it’s worth noting the apparent bulk of the subject’s torso.  It has that barrel-shape we’ve come to expect from sightings on clearer footage like the Patterson-Gimlin film.  (Which, as seen in gorillas, could have something to do with the animal’s difficult to digest diet.)

Interesting and definitely worth a look, if only for the Darwin Award qualifying activities…I guess this is what kids in Oklahoma do for fun? 

I saw this on Cryptomundo and while it’s a cool video, it annoys me a little how they say it’s a “confirmed” bigfoot in the footage.  (I’m looking at you, Matt Moneymaker.)  With footage like that, you can’t “confirm” anything…at best you can be “fairly certain” that it is a “probable sasquatch.”  Don’t get me wrong…it’s very compelling footage.  But let’s get our language right.

It’s kind of the same thing that annoys me about the various sasquatch DNA projects going on out there.  You simply can’t use DNA to establish the existence of a new species based on one anomalous sample…all it is, is an unidentified sample.  You need to collect many samples, and prove a correlation between them, and many times even THAT won’t be enough to establish the existence of previously undiscovered species. 

So yeah, we do need to be collecting and analyzing those potential DNA samples, and building a sort of “possible-squatch DNA library”, but let’s not jump the gun.

Another disappointing hoax, but this one isn’t nearly as absurd as some I’ve seen.

What doesn’t work for me is the animal’s posture, and its gait.

That’s some lovely scenery, though.