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Our recent interview with Monster Hunter Adam Davies. Adam has had many amazing adventures. Please click the photo or link to read the complete interview and see some photos and a video.


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Is this a sasquatch, or an optical illusion?

This has been around since 2008, and while there are numerous claims that it has been debunked, I’m not so sure.  I opened the image up in Photoshop and did my usual tooling around to see if I could bring out more details, in particular around the “hand,” which would be the easiest place to establish whether or not it’s a part of the stump or separate.  Unfortunately, this version of the image is simply to low-res to establish anything one way or the other.  So, for me, it remains a curious anomaly…and a spooky image to haunt my dreams.


I was very skeptical of this video when it first came out, but the deep analysis is compelling.  Also, my original thought was that the movement of the head conflicted with the movement we’ve seen previously in the Patterson Gimlin Film, but now after watching this in HD and on a larger screen, I’m not so sure.  Really interesting stuff.

I’ve always found the New York “baby” footage fascinating…if the film does, in fact, depict an adult and a juvenile sasquatch (we’ll never know for sure), then it captures one of those rare moments that wildlife researchers struggle to document even with known species.  In other words:  it’s much harder to film animals in the wild, especially interacting with their young, than most people believe.  I’m really looking forward to what the Finding Bigfoot team has to say about it on the new episode tonight.

Interesting and definitely worth a look, if only for the Darwin Award qualifying activities…I guess this is what kids in Oklahoma do for fun? 

I saw this on Cryptomundo and while it’s a cool video, it annoys me a little how they say it’s a “confirmed” bigfoot in the footage.  (I’m looking at you, Matt Moneymaker.)  With footage like that, you can’t “confirm” anything…at best you can be “fairly certain” that it is a “probable sasquatch.”  Don’t get me wrong…it’s very compelling footage.  But let’s get our language right.

It’s kind of the same thing that annoys me about the various sasquatch DNA projects going on out there.  You simply can’t use DNA to establish the existence of a new species based on one anomalous sample…all it is, is an unidentified sample.  You need to collect many samples, and prove a correlation between them, and many times even THAT won’t be enough to establish the existence of previously undiscovered species. 

So yeah, we do need to be collecting and analyzing those potential DNA samples, and building a sort of “possible-squatch DNA library”, but let’s not jump the gun.