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I think I may need a bigger cork board.

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Such a good trip!

In the unlikely event you come to possess the remains of a sasquatch…

  1. Take pictures.  TAKE SO MANY PICTURES.  Full body shots, portraits, details of the hands, feet, genitals, the wound which dispatched the bigfoot (if it did not die of natural causes).  Send these pictures to everyone.  Put them all over the Internet.  When people tell you they’re fake, POST MORE PICTURES.  Don’t hold this kind of thing back - the world wants to know, and the more forthright you are, the more likely we are to believe you.
  2. Take multiple tissue/hair/blood samples.  Send them out to any/every accredited research institution who’ll accept them.  Universities, zoos, hospitals.  If you’re paranoid the men in black are going to swoop in and steal the body, the more widely you distribute data, the harder it becomes for anyone to make it simply go away.
  3. Don’t worry about money.  If you’re in it for the money, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.  And, if you’ve done a lot of hard work to get your sasquatch, and are starting to think some monetary reward might be nice…don’t worry about it.  The money will come later, not for the body itself, but for your experience - TV appearances, speaking engagements, book deals.  But none of that will come if you try to make money off the body itself.  So just stay focused on providing the evidence.
  4. Seriously, don’t be cagey, or secretive, or deceitful.  Be honest and open and share information!  So many people have dedicated their lives to this search, so many people have been haunted by the question, “Is it real?” it’s not fair to them to withhold this sort of revelation.  Think of how you would feel, if you were in their position.  You’d want to know the truth, too.
  5. If you can’t take the whole body (for obvious reasons), take the head.  I know, gross.  But just think…everything we know about Gigantopithecus comes from a few molars and part of a jaw.  Imagine if we had the skull, and the brain!  This can be used to establish the existence of a previously unknown species, whereas a hand or foot are much easier to dismiss.
  6. Wear gloves.

Is it a squatch?

Cryptomundo recently reported on a possible bigfoot photo captured as part of Field & Stream’s fall trail cam contest.  I’ve posted the original below, along with my visual analysis.



With some closer analysis, adjusting of contrast and exposure, what appears to be a face in the original is revealed to be as part of the background.  So, what we have here, is a motion-blurred bear, turning away from the camera, with its ears back.  Ta-da.

If you haven’t yet, please consider pledging Chris Munch’s Kickstarter project, aimed at getting the incredible film LETTERS FROM THE BIG MAN home dvd distribution.  This is the only way many people will ever get to see this movie, which takes a compelling look at bigfoot and our relationship with nature.  LETTERS FROM THE BIG MAN is as much about supporting independent filmmakers as it is about bigfoot - this is a movie that transcends its subject matter, and deserves recognition from a wider audience.

I’ve watched this a couple times, now, and while it’s difficult to make out and there’s no way of ever really knowing what it captures, it’s worth noting the apparent bulk of the subject’s torso.  It has that barrel-shape we’ve come to expect from sightings on clearer footage like the Patterson-Gimlin film.  (Which, as seen in gorillas, could have something to do with the animal’s difficult to digest diet.)