#FindingBigfoot - are you weirdos ready???

I think I may need a bigger cork board.

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Trying to make it to bed after a few too many



This reminds me, I need to pick up a bottle of wine tonight before Finding Bigfoot!

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Guess who’s pumped for new episodes of #FindingBigfoot


By Adam Goldberg [x]

I love him.

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People think that civilization and organized religion have somehow erased the spirits that exist in nature, in all the world. They haven’t. People aren’t the omnipotent force for destruction that we arrogantly believe we are. We can change things, true, but we never really destroyed those old spirits and presences of the world. We aren’t that powerful. We are very loud and very self - involved, though, so most people never really understand when they’re in the presence of a spirit of the land, what the old Romans called a genius loci.

So, naturally, they also didn’t understand when they were in the presence of a truly powerful spirit of the land—a potent spirit like that of, say, Vesuvius.

Or Demonreach.

Dresden checking out the issues of Demonreach, in Cold Days by Jim Butcher (via bellonanj73)
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Reasons I’d rather be squatchin’

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