I had a dream like this, once.

I had a dream like this, once.

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Evolution is awesome!  A native group of people living on the Soloman Islands northeast of Australia called Melanesians is famous for their beautiful dark skin and naturally blonde hair. 

The odd combination has got scientists wondering about how such a color combo develops over time. According to the Global Financial Newswires, many scientists have long thought that their blonde hair was a result of a diet high in fish, perhaps bleaching by the sun and salt water, or a reminder of the island’s historic relations with people of European descent.

In fact, the blonde Melanesians have blonde that is unique solely to them. According to the study in which scientists compared 43 blonde hair islanders to 42 dark hair islanders, blonde Melanesians have a variant of a native gene called TYRP1 that plays an important role in the melanin biosynthetic pathway. This variant is completely separate from what causes blonde hair in Europeans, and doesn’t even exist in the European genetic set.

What’s truly beautiful in this fascinating discovery, as so perfectly stated by the study author Sean Myles, a geneticist at Nova Scotia Agricultural College, is that “it’s a great example of convergent evolution, where the same outcome is brought about by completely different means.”

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More reasons why I’d rather be ‘squatching.

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 Liam Rimmington

Reasons I’d rather be ‘squatching.

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Marymere Falls, Olympia National Park, Washington [2448x3264][OC]

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Deer runs from flying squirrel (caught on trail camera) 

This is one of the greatest images I have ever seen

It’s art, or a haiku or something…

"Deer, running from squirrel. With apples." 2011

I want to know what kind of trail cam this is that captures such a great action shots.

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I watched this episode LAST NIGHT and today it’s ON MY DASH. 

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